About us

DRILCO TECHNOLOGIES (M) SDN BHD is a long established and leading company specialized in Groundwater Tubewell drilling with more than 20 years experience. Our business is to provide groundwater solutions to all water problems. Our track record spans more than two decades in developing water resources, designing and constructing water supply facilities even in areas where sufficient water resources are hard to find or where they are threatened by pollution or salt water intrusion. Aided by the latest geophysical methods, modeling techniques and satellite imagery, we are able to locate this precious resource. Apart from being a prominent and preferred player in the groundwater drilling industry, DRILCO also provides services in the field of water treatment and involves as turnkey contractor for the design and construction of tube-well water treatment systems and plants to supply treated water which complies to W.H.O. drinking water standards. DRILCO offers unsurpassed technology and expertise as well as cost-effective solutions for the treatment of water in various type of industry that meet customers' need. Our competitive edge is derived from the technical expertise, commitment and resourcefulness of our people to deliver excellence to our customers. Our technical expertise, product portfolio and years of experience enable us to service demanding needs of customers across industries which include semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, beer brewery, petrochemicals, palm oil refinery, rubber gloves, etc. DRILCO is considered to be a full service water company. We offer services such as groundwater prospecting, well drilling, pump installation, water testing, groundwater treatment plant, as well as water system operation and maintenance for industrial & commercial, agriculture, construction and municipal applications.

Services Provided:- 
Groundwater Consulting, Well Design & Construction
Groundwater Study and Flow Modeling Analysis.
Groundwater Mineral Resources Exploration & Drilling
Groundwater Treatment System & Resistivity Survey
Gas Extraction Well & Cathodic Protection Drilling
Environmental, Monitoring And Site Dewatering

Association of Groundwater Scientists & Engineers,
USA Australian Drilling Industry Association (ADIA)
National Groundwater Association, USA

Project Experience:-
Past projects include the drilling, construction and development of well for groundwater Resources Study at Batang Padang District Perak for inter-state commercial water supply. This exploration calls for the drilling in hard rock formation of 254mm (10") diameter bore to a depth of 300 meters deep. The project aims to develop sustainable groundwater resources with an ultimate capacity of 2,000 MLD (million litres per day). This was a crucial springboard for the company as it is Drilco's first major project of this magnitude.

Apart from drilling services, DRILCO was appointed by Megasteel Malaysia, one of the leading company producing hot rolled coils and special alloy steel to evaluate the impact on groundwater regime in and around the environment of Brookland Industrial Estate (Olak Lempit) in the Sungai Langat basin for groundwater abstraction from the current 3.5 MGD to 10 MGD. This EIA study involves the collection of geological and hydrogeological data; evaluate the impact of the current groundwater abstraction; conduct groundwater flow modeling analysis, the modeling analysis amongst others is to model saltwater ingression if any, towards the sensitive areas in the region and finally, to review and model ground subsidence. Up to date, DRILCO has completed two large diameter alluvium well in Megasteel factory producing 500 m3/hr (12.0 mld) and 400 m3/hr (9.6 mld) respectively.

DRILCO is proud to be associated with Worldwide Landfills Sdn Bhd, a leading company with state-of-the-art waste management services, as their pioneer contractor to carry out the design, drilling and construction of Sanitary Landfill Gas Extraction Well System, believe to be the first of its kind in Malaysia. The main objective of these gas wells are to gather reports on typical composition of landfill gas, control pollution by reducing greenhouse gas emission that causes global warming and wherever possible, if the quantity and quality justify, transform as sources of fuel for green energy utilization and power generation.

Other notable experiences include the study of Groundwater Hydrogeological Regime for Petronas RAPID project at Pengerang, Johor who calls for multiple well drilling and Rural Water Supply scheme at Orang Asli settlements in Malaysia for Ministry of Rural & Regional Development.

The company's technical service division is staffed by a team of highly qualified sales and marketing personnel, engineers and professional consultant geologists with many years of experience in Geology and Groundwater Resources.

It is our goal to provide professional and quality services to ensure our customers achieve the level of excellence that they desire. This goal basically reflects our integrity and commitment towards the progress and advancement of groundwater drilling industry in Malaysia and also the neighboring countries.

We are pleased to receive your company's interest and thank you for your trust in us and an opportunity to be of service to your esteem organization.

DRILCO offers free estimates at no obligation and should you have any questions or would like to receive more information, please feel free to contact us.